Where will the donations go?

Donations will be send to help children born with brain hypoxia, HIV-AIDS, muscular dystrophy or to any organization that support children in need. 

Will the donations be used for traveling?

No, all expenses such as meals, lodging and transportation will be self-supporting. 100% of donations to this cause will go to the charities. 

Can I be part of the 20 in 2020?

Absolutely, you can join us and participate in 20 events in 2020. Accomplish them at your own fitness level, either 20 5K, 20 10K, 20 Half Marathons or go big with 20 Marathon. You can even make a combination of different distances, the most important thing is to complete the 20 events by the end of 2020.
It's a win-win situation, you get fit and children get our support.
Run, Give, Love! 

I can not do 20 events, Can I still be part of this cause?

Sure you can, we want you to be active and motivated, and we want that every race that you complete be more meaningful. Let us know which event are your training for, we will love to be part of your journey.

Please follow our calendar, let us know if there is an event close to your location, we will love to run together as a team.

20 in 2020 calendar will be updated periodically

Is there another way to support this cause?

There are so many ways that your support will be a great impact to this cause. You could be part of our team, you can spread the word of the work we do, you can organize garage sale, cake sale or any other fundraising event.

If you have hotels points or airfare miles, that are about to expire or that you can not use, you can donate then toward the 20 in 2020 challenge. 

Contact us and find out more ways.

Be social

Please share your comments, training, events and success using the following hashtags:

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  • #20in2020