Here you will find more information about the causes we support and the events we organized to raise funds that are sent to these non-profits organizations.

The entire job done during these activities is volunteer, people donated their time, supplies, resources, and work, to help organize and make each and every one of these events a success. This could not be done without their collaboration.

Your support is the main pillar to help this project succeed and to help the children in need.

Fundación Innocens


Since 1994, Fundacion Innonces is working to bring a better life to the children affected with this condition.

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Contact: fundacioninnocens@gmail.com




We are an institution created with the purpose of attending cases of children and adolescents with AIDS, pregnant women infected with the virus, and sexually abused children and adolescents; covering all the west of the country. The Foundation has support of a team of people and doctors volunteering to this cause, also with hospitals in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, that provide their services and facilities to carry out this hard work.

In this perspective we look for ways to raise awareness and contribute with a sufficiently informative education to fight against this scourge.




To become the spearhead institution in the west of the country dedicated to caring for AIDS-infected children and adolescents, as well as assisting women with this disease so that their baby is born without the virus. The Foundation also institutes programs of awareness for this disease to considerably diminish its spread, and to contribute as an organization that attacks this problem and cares for the common welfare of all these people.

Getting to Zero

The future

Thanks to your donation, these and so many others children, receive medication, food and support.

98% of the babies born under the prevention program for HIV perinatal transmission are born healthy. 

We can stop this virus through prevention! 



Pumpkin Pi Run 2017

KSA. November 4, 2017

  Our first international event was organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a lot of dedication and hard work. As a result, our community gathered together to participate and have fun. Both children and adults dressed in the Halloween spirit with fun and scary costumes.

We also had the special participation of T-Rex, who became a central attention to the little ones, and became an essential part of all our events. 

Before the gun went off, everyone participated in an animated warm up of music and dance, which was enjoyed by one and all, as, was obvious by the smile on every face!

The children set to run the course marked as 1.5 Km and adults on their part ran 3.14 Km (hence the Pumpkin ‘Pi’name of the event). The event was held just after Halloween, inviting this theme and party style celebration. After the run, everyone was awarded with a cute medal as recognition for thee participation and hard work. The top 3 finishers for adults and children were awarded with a trophy. 


100% of the funds collected, were donated to Fundación Innoncens


One of the best anecdotes of this event was one of the little girls coming to me after she completed the race, to ask if I could train her to win the next event. I was so impressed to see that even children understand the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve great goals.


Superhero Run - 2018

KSA. March 17, 2018


Just before summer hit Saudi Arabia, our community once again gathered together to raise funds to support Fundación Innocens. This time, everyone dressed like a superhero. The children loved wearing the mask, capes and costumes of their favorite superhero.

The course for this event was challenging, full of fun obstacles for the children and adults to conquer. Obstacles like hurdles, crawler, balancing beam, and stop and throw were some of the most fun to watch. Looking at the fierce faces of the kids running through each one of those obstacles was priceless.

This event exceeded our expectations, with a completely sold out event. New custom medals were earned for participation, and food and beverage vendors ensured sweet and savory snacks were available and a professional photographer was there to capture the best moments during the event. All these wonderful people donated their proceeds to the event to support the great cause of Fundacion Innocens.

We also customized a FINISH sign, where we had the kids personalizing it with their colored handprint, the day of the package pick up, just before the day of the event.


The highlight of this event was when I was approached after the race by few girls, telling me how excited there were to be able to help others kids. This illustrates the impact that these events provide in helping teach children the importance by their efforts and contribution to support, give and love, those less fortunate, we will have a better world tomorrow!


Pumpkin Pi Run II- 2018

KSA. November 3, 2018



On the second year of the Pumpkin Pi Run, children and adults once again wore fun and spooky costumes and the event was another success.

Not only did we have a wonderful event on site in Saudi Arabia for the whole family and friends, but also for the first time we opened the opportunity for families and friends that are away, but still wanted to support the foundation, to participate in a virtual run.
The virtual event had an outstanding response with participants in 4 different countries; adding their support to those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with runners in Turkey, USA, Mexico and Peru, coming together as one heart to support the children in Venezuela. Together we are stronger!
The money raised in this campaign helped to provide treatment and food for the children, youth and expecting mothers to greatly improve the chance their babies will be born healthy!  

The participants of the event received a very fun and scary, glow in the dark medal.
On behalf of the children at Fundación Innonces, thank you! 


There are no borders, there are no limits, there are no excuses when you want to support and help those in need.


Superhero Run II- 2019

KSA. March 20, 2019

 One more time, we called all Superheroes, and we were not disappointed with the results. Families and friends gathered together for the second Superhero Run. Again mask and capes hide the daily faces, but still we were able to see so many smiles while running, dancing and sharing. The course was set with more obstacles and challenges; all of them were conquered, one by one by children and adults, showing strength, determination and teamwork. 

This was our last family event organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so many fun moments were shared, always counting on the support of friends and the community.

A new medal was designed for this run, which was given to all participants. Additional finisher’s medals were given to the top 3 winners.


We all can be heroes, we all can support, we all can set an example, try always to give your best; you never know who you may inspire!



KSA. 2015 - 2019

 D’ Willpower fitness group was created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to teach classes to adults and youth of all fitness levels, we believe in the inclusion and progression through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

 The purpose of this group was to develop a healthy environment in the community, by teaching fitness classes and providing nutrition guidelines with smart choices on daily basis. Classes taught were Tabata Strong, Circuit Training, Spinning and Bootcamp  

100% of the proceeds of these classes were sent to Fundación Innoncens or to support Breast Cancer Association in Saudi Arabia – Al Khobar.


Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it is about being better than you used to be. One step at a time!

Team for Kids - USA

I ran the NYC Marathon supporting TFK

I ran the NYC Marathon supporting TFK

I ran the NYC Marathon supporting TFK


On November 3 2019 I ran the NYC Marathon supporting Team for Kids. 

Team for Kids is a team of adult runners who raise funds for critical services provided by New York Road Runners youth programs. These programs empower youth development and encourage healthy habits via running and character-building programs across the country

My amazing 2019 sponsors

I ran the NYC Marathon supporting TFK

I ran the NYC Marathon supporting TFK


All these amazing people, step forward to support this cause, with this act Mexico, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Venezuela and USA became one, to support and to love Team for Kids, raising over $2600

To Fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

2019 November's Donations for Austin

2019 November's Donations for Austin

2019 November's Donations for Austin


While planning to run the NYC Marathon we started a campaign calling donors to match an amount of money for each mile I completed in the race. By the end of the month we were able to raise an average of $10 per mile for a total of $263 raised for Austin. 

2019 November's Donations for Austin

2019 November's Donations for Austin

This fight never end, if you wish to support please contact us

This fight never end, if you wish to support please 

contact us


Texas Children's Hospital

In honor of the 2 events completed in January  2020 in Texas, The Texas Marathon and the Houston Marathon, all donations  received in January and February were sent to Texas Children's Hospital

Which is a non-profit organization dedicated to create a healthier future for children and women.

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